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Teacher training institutes in Kenya and Jordan; summary of report of CITI-funded project

This summary gives the key findings of a CITI-funded project to see how teacher-training institutes might help grow the Aflatoun program and ensure quality. The full report is also stored here. #aflatoun-academy #TTI

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Teacher training in Kenya and Jordan report summary.pdfTeacher training in Kenya and Jordan report summary.pdf813.58 Kb, 4 pages

by Paul Moclair (Admin, Translator) from Ireland - 4 April 2014

Académie Aflatoun - Vidéo de Formation -  L'arbre à problèmes

Highlighted by Aflatoun

Video Training - The problem tree

More ideas and examples on the tree problems #aflatoun-academy #MéthodesdapprentissageActif video

by Hassan Mahtat (Admin, Translator) from Morocco - 8 January 2014

Ana Vacas This would be really useful for us here in Bolivia, do you guys have any idea when this will be available in Spanish? Thanks!

Menno Aflatoun There are currently no plans to do do this in other languages. We could consider subtitling it, would that be useful or is the video maybe too region-specific ?