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Teacher training institutes in Kenya and Jordan; summary of report of CITI-funded project

This summary gives the key findings of a CITI-funded project to see how teacher-training institutes might help grow the Aflatoun program and ensure quality. The full report is also stored here. #aflatoun-academy #TTI

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Teacher training in Kenya and Jordan report summary.pdfTeacher training in Kenya and Jordan report summary.pdf813.58 Kb, 4 pages

by Paul Moclair (Admin, Translator) from Ireland - 4 April 2014


#manual #Advocacy #communication #contextualisation #monitoring #governance #resources #training #TTI

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Aflateen Evaluation Manual.pdfAflateen Evaluation Manual.pdf2.23 Mb, 74 pages
Aflateen training Manual.pdfAflateen training Manual.pdf1.11 Mb, 68 pages
Child Participation Manual.pdfChild Participation Manual.pdf1.34 Mb, 82 pages
Communication Manual.pdfCommunication Manual.pdf2.33 Mb, 28 pages
Contextualisation Manual.pdfContextualisation Manual.pdf4.10 Mb, 54 pages
Monitoring & Evaluation Manual.pdfMonitoring & Evaluation Manual.pdf1.77 Mb, 86 pages
Partner Manual.pdfPartner Manual.pdf4.27 Mb, 74 pages
Resource Mobilisation Manual.pdfResource Mobilisation Manual.pdf2.81 Mb, 86 pages
Governance Manual.pdfGovernance Manual.pdf18.22 Mb, 90 pages
Aflatoun Training Manual_TTI-English-WEB.pdfAflatoun Training Manual_TTI-English-WEB.pdf2.97 Mb, 9 pages
Aflatoun Training Manual_NGO-English-WEB.pdfAflatoun Training Manual_NGO-English-WEB.pdf1.63 Mb, 109 pages

by Menno Aflatoun (Admin, Translator) from the Netherlands - 28 March 2014

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Robert Namunyu Wawire Good to have all this manuals posted here

Rosemary Nanyonjo Thanks for the Manuals.

Sarym Heang Very useful!

Vera O This is superb!!! all the manuals intact. I just finished a training and needed to share the manuals with colleagues for continuity. I decided to try the academics and I wasn't disappointed. very resourceful platform. you are the best.

Tinatin Jakhua Thanks a lot!

Wargajeshta Mudiyanselage Shamali Priyadarshani Jayaratne very useful stuff thanks lot