The first ever group of secondary school teachers and facilitators in The Netherlands just got trained! #Aflateen #training

by Menno Aflatoun (Admin, Translator) from the Netherlands - 26 November 2014

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Maufiqurrahman Surahman How great we also (AflaAcademy) in Indonesia just got trained..nice to see a picture!

Kamil Zbroja Excellent! In Poland we had training of Educators Aflateen :-)

JOYCE ELEMSON Very interesting. How can I apply for the same training? Or could training be organised here in the UK for a group of interested members?

Menno Aflatoun Hello Joyce, are you connected to an organisation? You can contact our local partner Hitul Thobhani from Empowering Kids&Youth

JOYCE ELEMSON Thanks Menno. I am not connected to a training organisation but work in a further education college in London. I have strong interests in teacher professional development with an annual project in Nigeria. In order to move things forward, how do I contact Hitul in the UK?

Mihretu Belayneh Mekonnen It is very nice opportunity. How can I participate in such a training> I would like to be a Master Trainer in my area.

Menno Aflatoun Hi JOYCE ELEMSON, in case you haven't been in contact yet, you could contact Hitul through his organization's website:

Induni Shanika Dandeniya As a teacher in charge of aflatoun club I too like to have a training like this. How can i participate?