Non Formal Education Aflatoun

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by Menno Aflatoun (Admin, Translator) from the Netherlands - 20 March 2014

Fabian Bedoya Wonderful idea! My name's Fabian. I am an EFL language tutor. I run a private studio in Medellin, Colombia, where beside seeing private clients one-to-one, I design bilingual projects that reach out. Right now I'm teaching social skills through bilingual theater to ex-convicts through the local government secretariat. Medellin is a beautiful city nestled in lush Aburra Valley toward the center of the province of Antioquia. Medellin is home to about 4 million souls. Medellin also has a large population that live in poverty, lots of peasants chased away from the countryside by guerrillas, etc. I've been tossing around an idea to take children from poor neighborhoods and backpackers passing through the city to our natural reserve / park, and lead the group through activities that nurture and develop positive bonds between participants, and that facilitates culture and language barter. This project I'd like to call LittleBuddy looks to empower kids to show, tell and teach their BigBuddy counterparts in the contexts of a nature hike, adventure tasks and a picnic. Communication being a plus, I'd like the kids to receive a couple of lessons prior to the outing to learn some rudiments of the English language in order to carry out communication at a basic level, and to understand expectations and reach out to foreigners by means of neutral devices and their native language. I saw your Non Formal Education Aflatoun and it kindled my interest anew. I wonder if I could use (and attribute) parts of it to build a curriculum for LittleBuddy. I'm not sure I'd be ready to use the whole of the Non Formal Education Aflatoun, although it looks entirely appropriate and pertinent. I'd also love to hear from you. I'd like to know if you know of others who have done something similar to LittleBuddy and whether you have any comments or ideas to help out. I greatly appreciate all your time and good intensions toward this cause.

Menno Aflatoun Dear Fabian, thank you for your interest. I will get back to you soon Regarding This. It could be good if we can connect you to another Local organization doing the Aflatoun Programme. For a start It could be good to check the nfe-manual-spanish and the Manual for Partner Organizations Which you can find here:

Maryse Hi there! I operate an annual summer camp in Haiti and I am interested seeing the NFE curriculum in French. Is that available on the site?