Hello all,
Flipped learning is being successfully used in my classroom. I would like to invite you all to try it out.

by Lasni Jayasooriya from Sri Lanka - 8 September 2016

Petra van der Spek Hi Lasni, great to hear that you had a successful experience with flipping the classroom. Like to hear more on which topic you have used it and what made it a success. Thanks for sharing this!

Lasni Jayasooriya Thank you Petra for showing interest. I introduced it to my classroom as a part of one of the action researches I am doing. I have been using both flipped learning and peer instruction methods together to improve students' English language comprehension. I observe a real difference in my students with the implementation of this; the interest they show and their performances. I do believe that they are enjoying changed teaching learning atmosphere a lot. According to my understanding more and more planning before implementation made this project a success.