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Digital refresher training is coming to Aflatoun
We are delighted to announce that we shall soon be providing an online self-study course for Aflatoun trainers and facilitators thanks to the generosity of Orange Foundation. Teachers will be able to study fourteen multi-media modules before taking a quiz, making them eligible for certification.

All of us in the global network are proud of our teacher-training workshops. Working face-to-face with teachers over three to four days is the best way of ensuring they can lead effective classroom sessions using Aflatoun books. Whilst we are committed to continuing such workshops we all know that they are expensive and that cost has prevented us from providing follow-up and refresher training for our teachers, even though the need for these has always been clear. Now we have found a solution.

Orange Foundation has provided Aflatoun with funding to create an online self-study course as part of its Digital Schools Programme. The platform will also be accessible online to teachers around the world. Teachers can log on and take fourteen separate modules. Each module takes between thirty minutes and one hour to complete. Typically a teacher will be asked to read some text, listen to an audio file and watch some animation before taking a multiple choice quiz. The platform will be available in English and in French.

The fourteen modules were created by mapping the training manual and books and identifying a total of 32 competencies a well-trained Aflatoun teacher should have. We have chosen fourteen modules for a pilot. Half of the modules are programmatic – e.g. Clubs in the Aflatoun Programme and the other half are pedagogical, focusing on active-learning methods e.g. Brainstorming. The full list is included below.

Digital refresher training modules for teachers
Programmatic Pedagogic
1. Origins of Aflatoun
8. Teacher Talking Time v Student Talking Time
2. Clubs in the Aflatoun Programme
9. Brainstorming
3. Core Program Activities
10. Problem Trees
4. CRC and Quality of Education
11. Image Theatre
5. Gender Equality in the Classroom
12. KWL Cards
6. Children and Saving
13. Memory Cards
7. Child Social and Financial Enterprise
14. Group Work

Over the next few weeks we hope to post sample resources created for the platform. As ever, your feedback, advice and guidance would be gratefully received.

by Paul Moclair (Admin, Translator) from Ireland - 17 June 2016

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Muttih sivarasa Thank u very much Paul .

Wargajeshta Mudiyanselage Shamali Priyadarshani Jayaratne wow great !! im impressed with some modules Paul. looking forward to see them !!

Judy Zhu Cheers, so cool!

JOSEPH W. MAKWAKWA thank you very much Paul, looking for to this brilliant idea

Patricia Fafa Formadi Can't wait to see this innovation. "On on on we are matching on" Thank you Paul. Cheers.