Apr 30

Children International in Uganda- Aflatoun program Launch

Children International incorporated Aflatoun in its projects in January 2014 and it is three months old now. we have been able to establish 4 Aflatoun clubs in two primary schools that we work with, and also 4 clubs from the poor urban communities where we work. Those children have been introduced to Aflatoun and trained in the first two core elements. we want to officially launch the program before they are introduced to third core element of saving and spending. children are expected to show case of what they have learnt and to share experience with others. This will help us bring parents on board and explain to them what their children are learning in Aflatoun. We also hope to capture their support (parents) in implementing the program
After the launch we hope to have more children joining the program

from 30 Apr to 30 Apr, makerere Kikoni

Philip Monday and Rosemary Nanyonjo attend this.

by Rosemary Nanyonjo from Uganda - 9 April 2014

Rosemary Nanyonjo please come and attend