Aflatoun Africa English Curriculum Books

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Aflatoun-Africa-Book1-WEB.pdfAflatoun-Africa-Book1-WEB.pdf6.23 Mb, 102 pages
Aflatoun-Africa-Book2-WEB.pdfAflatoun-Africa-Book2-WEB.pdf16.55 Mb, 124 pages
Aflatoun-Africa-Book3-WEB.pdfAflatoun-Africa-Book3-WEB.pdf16.38 Mb, 104 pages
Aflatoun-Africa-Book4-WEB.pdfAflatoun-Africa-Book4-WEB.pdf15.67 Mb, 122 pages
Aflatoun-Africa-Book5-WEB.pdfAflatoun-Africa-Book5-WEB.pdf18.41 Mb, 110 pages
Aflatoun-Africa-Book6-WEB.pdfAflatoun-Africa-Book6-WEB.pdf18.52 Mb, 110 pages
Aflatoun-Africa-Book7-WEB.pdfAflatoun-Africa-Book7-WEB.pdf17.96 Mb, 120 pages
Aflatoun-Africa-Book8-WEB.pdfAflatoun-Africa-Book8-WEB.pdf17.41 Mb, 126 pages

by Menno Aflatoun (Admin, Translator) from the Netherlands - 4 July 2014

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Charles Mogga Obede The materials are such impressive, I like them

Erin Tharwat Fayez pleas I want Arabic books for teacher and children

Menno Aflatoun Dear Erin, please find the Arabic books at this link: Nancy Refki

Nancy Refki Hello Erin, those are the new books