Robert Namunyu Wawire

I have been involved in Aflatoun program since 2008nand later Aflateen from 2012. It has always been a privilege to train and to be trained. I have supported Aflatoun programmes in Kenya and Tanzania as a Master trainer as well as programme developer. I am the Director of Action for Child Development Trust, and organisation that is focussed on empowering children and youth through life skills development, better health, financial education and entrepreneurship and ICT. I am a teacher, trainer and facilitator.

Member since 3 April 2014

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I am interested to be linked with organisations that organise competitions activities for students and how they have integrated the competition in their program.

by Robert Namunyu Wawire from Kenya - 3 April 2014

Aflatoun Namibia We do it all the time Robert in Namibia. Write to me on for more information

Rosemary Nanyonjo we are yet to launch Aflatoun program on 30th April 2014 in communities where we work and we want children in aflatoun and aflateen clubs to select activities that they want to engage in as a way of competing and showing case of what they learn in Aflatoun.

Menno Aflatoun Hello Rosemary, 30 april is almost, is it still your launching day? Please keep us informed, we're curious!

Together with colleagues at Action for Child Development Trust participated in Global Money week with children participating in skype calls and organising for bank officials to talk to Aflateens. the talks turned out to be of great interest to most students in the two schools we organised.... Read more

by Robert Namunyu Wawire from Kenya - 3 April 2014