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The teachers training residential workshop held at the sarvodaya training centre in Trincomalee

by Ramiah Kannan from Sri Lanka - 12 June 2015

Jun 1

Teachers training

The workshop was held for the teachers who teach the slow learners in Trincomalee.The workshop was held at the Sea Lotus Park Hotel in t

1 Jun 12:00, 6 p.m

Ramiah Kannan attends this.

by Ramiah Kannan from Sri Lanka - 2 June 2015

My inaugural workshop for the teachers& students of trincomalee zonal educational division as a master trainer of the aflatoun academy.The workshop was held on the 30th&31st 0f beautiful march in 2015.Deputy director of provincial department of education of eastern province &The director of... Read more

by Ramiah Kannan from Sri Lanka - 1 April 2015