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I was a trainer of an Aflatoun program in Medan North Sumatera and Aceh, I was established an Aflatoun club in Medan since 2012. I wrote an all inspiring stories of my Aflatoun's club participants. One of the most inspiring story came from Risty Afrina Dwi Putri (nina) she was the victims of Tsunami tragedy in Aceh when she was nine years old. "It has been many years this story buried in the minds and thoughts of Nina, a young victim of the Tsunami tragedy in Aceh at the end of 2004. Only diary accompanies her to share. Very difficult life must be faced by Nina that she loses her right arm. due to the verdict of the doctor which can not be delayed. More ever, the little young girl could only continue the episodes of her life with survived mother and her brother. Her father and sister, Sarah, until now disappeared and she believes that they are already in Heaven. Meanwhile, God demonstrated His love in Nina, Pesantren has became a new episode of her life journey as a beautiful gift. From this Pesantren, Nina realized the wishes of the father. However, it was not as smooth as what she imagines, Her schooling at Pesantren was filled with various colours. There are so many challenges and nuisances she faced, and she felt God's miracles. The Presence of Aflatoun in Pesantren made Nina confidence. Nina is one of the Aflatoun member, who has high spirit of learning and she keeps trying to give benefits for others".

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Ol gaul is one of the local art in Madura east java indonesia, played to celebrate end year schooling activity. Aflateen community doing this as annual agenda

by Maufiqurrahman Surahman from Indonesia - 25 May 2016

Aflatoun club in Indonesia show demonstration how to make Batik (hand made clothes) in front of peoples

by Maufiqurrahman Surahman from Indonesia - 21 May 2016

Iam thinking how the way to involve the training for trainers of aflatoun out of Indonesia. Please help me!

by Maufiqurrahman Surahman from Indonesia - 21 May 2016

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Paul Moclair Hi Maufiq - wonderful to hear from you after so long! I"m not entirely sure what you mean by this question. Why don't you clarify it in an email to me on and we can carry on discussing it. Thanks.

Menno Aflatoun It would be good to have some follow up here as well if it's useful to others. Thanks Paul Moclair !

Maufiqurrahman Surahman I want to follow the TOT when its organizing in malaysia or in singapure or other country. Just willing to have a broad knowledge and nice experience

Menno Aflatoun A note for Brian Lariche and I will also follow up with our PM Asia Lucky F. Lumingkewas

Maufiqurrahman Surahman Thank you Menno Aflatoun. I met Brian Lariche when he was visiting my school in Madura east java. And I was also met barclyas team on one young world summit Thailand. I presented aflatoun plan and goal in indonesia. Thanks Menno

Brian Lariche Hi menno, it was brought up before. Suryadi of Lekdis, who manage this program is VERY keen to do a Aflateen training. I am also in the midst of setting up an online platform to sell handicraft....

Paul Moclair Hi Maufiq great to hear from you again after so long. Hope you are still writing! We are also pleased when one of our RMTs expresses an interest in conducting a training abroad but at present we have identified no clear need for such an event. As Menno says, our new Asia Programme Manager would be the best person to keep in touch with.

Aflatoun in Medan Just got trained! I had also applayed aflatoun training methode that addressed by Paul at Mojokerto several months ago! I was so keen

by Maufiqurrahman Surahman from Indonesia - 27 November 2014

Go Aflateen in Medan

by Maufiqurrahman Surahman from Indonesia - 27 October 2014

Sebuah Novel menggungkap perjuangan salah satu korban Tsunami Aceh, Risty Afrina Dwi Putri (Nina)!!!

One of Aflatoun club member in Medan shared her inspiring story...check it dot

by Maufiqurrahman Surahman from Indonesia - 23 June 2014