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We held our 9th workshop on August 2-3 and 9-10. In this workshop we were successful to train 27 new teachers who were coming from Tabriz, Kordestan, Shiraz, and even from the rural parts of Booshehr. We even welcomed people struggling with disabilities. A semi blind woman had joined the classes... Read more

by Majid Navid from Iran (Islamic Republic of) - 21 August 2018

8th TOT in Iran was held and 21 new facilitators joined our team.

by Majid Navid from Iran (Islamic Republic of) - 18 April 2017

Ali Mogharrab 21 active teachers and peer educators between the age of 19 to 56 year-old

Aflatoun On the palms of Iranian children

by Majid Navid from Iran (Islamic Republic of) - 10 October 2016

The Iranian 7th TOT was held and 22 trainers graduated from it. Now, total number of our trainers is 178.

by Majid Navid from Iran (Islamic Republic of) - 30 August 2016

Maufiqurrahman Surahman awesome, fantastic like to hear

Paul Moclair You guys are an inspiration to all of us.

The 7th Aflatoun workhop in Iran is on it first day right now. 22 people from 4 cities are participating. We wish all of the Aflatoun's new friends good luck!

by Majid Navid from Iran (Islamic Republic of) - 23 August 2016

JOSEPH W. MAKWAKWA wish you good luck in your training

Menno Aflatoun Hello Majid Navid, We're interested to hear more about the training so we can publish the info. Would you have a small report for us for example? Thank you, Menno. (

Majid Navid Menno Aflatoun Hello dear Menno, thank you. We'll send you a complete report soon.

Aflatoun is feeling well during summer days in Iran...

by Majid Navid from Iran (Islamic Republic of) - 1 August 2016

Fatemeh Noroozi great ,i think that pupils and teachers are happy more than before .thank you for your supports...

Jun 14

Aflatoun Books are being prepared

Aflatoun books are being prepared and contextualized. A team consisting of translators, editors, graphists, educational consultants and advocates are enthusiastically working hard on the procedure of translation and preparation of contents for Aflatoun curricula. The process consists of the... Read more

14 Jun 14:30, Iran

Lasni Jayasooriya and maryam abbasi attend this.

by Majid Navid from Iran (Islamic Republic of) - 14 June 2016

Jun 8

6th Aflatoun TOT workshop was held

6th Aflatoun training for facilitators was held in June 2016 hence adding another 26 more facilitators.
The participants were selected from volunteers with more teaching background.
This workshop practically initiated our activities in 4 provinces of Iran include Khorasan, Qazvin, Fars and... Read more

8 Jun 13:00, Iran

sahar haatami attends this.

by Majid Navid from Iran (Islamic Republic of) - 14 June 2016