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by Lasni Jayasooriya from Sri Lanka - 16 April 2019 15:39

Maxwell Thank you for sharing!

You may read the research findings of flipping my classroom. The article appears in a book and I have even published it in my ResearchGate profile.
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by Lasni Jayasooriya from Sri Lanka - 18 July 2017

Hello all,
Flipped learning is being successfully used in my classroom. I would like to invite you all to try it out.

by Lasni Jayasooriya from Sri Lanka - 8 September 2016

Petra van der Spek Hi Lasni, great to hear that you had a successful experience with flipping the classroom. Like to hear more on which topic you have used it and what made it a success. Thanks for sharing this!

Lasni Jayasooriya Thank you Petra for showing interest. I introduced it to my classroom as a part of one of the action researches I am doing. I have been using both flipped learning and peer instruction methods together to improve students' English language comprehension. I observe a real difference in my students with the implementation of this; the interest they show and their performances. I do believe that they are enjoying changed teaching learning atmosphere a lot. According to my understanding more and more planning before implementation made this project a success.

Hello everyone!
What do you think about flipped learning and peer instruction method? Please share your experiences and views. Thank you

by Lasni Jayasooriya from Sri Lanka - 19 July 2016

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Paul Moclair Hi Lasni, this is a great question! Personally I'd say that any method that provides an alternative to traditional teaching models is to be welcomed. For me, one of the most attractive features of the flipped classroom is the way it encourages learners to access content, often online, outside of the classroom environment. This seems such a better use of time than more traditional notions of homework. It would seem to give students more autonomy and encourage them to assume more responsibility for their learning. This in turn means classroom time might be more profitably spent on higher order thinking such as application or analysis. I'll be honest Lasni, I've yet to hear of anyone using the Aflatoun books in a flipped context but maybe your question will encourage teachers who have done so to share. i certainly hope so. We are only just moving into digital resources this year Lasni and so far most of our digital resources have been aimed at teacher-training rather than at students. Have you had a chance to look at any of those?

Lasni Jayasooriya Thanks for sharing your views Paul. I'm doing an action research on flipped learning and peer instruction methods to see whether these pedagogical approaches can successfully be used in English language teaching and learning in the Sri lankan context. In my comprehensive literature search I understood that many in the world wide have effectively used it making students benefited. I too strongly believe that variety of methods and pedagogical approaches should be used to diversify the teaching learning atmosphere to make the process more fruitful. I will surely share some parts of my intervention and the results of the research with you all. As I'm new to Aflatoun I'm unaware of anyone adopting Aflatoun books for flipped learning. But I try my best to promote this in my country.

Paul Moclair That's wonderful Lasni. Long ago I sued to teach English in South Korea, China and Cambodia and it remains close to my heart. Please do share your findings on flipped learning and peer instructions with us. It would be fascinating for us to learn from your research and think about how we might apply flipped learning to the context of Aflatoun!

Lasni Jayasooriya Yes, for sure. I would surely share the progress of my research with you all. All of your comments will be highly appreciated and I would surely use them to mould my future research. And I look forward to know more about Aflatoun since I am new to that. Thank you.

Wargajeshta Mudiyanselage Shamali Priyadarshani Jayaratne Dear Lasni since you mentioned you are unaware of adopting Aflatoun books for language learning i like to share some ideas with you Im a master trainer in kandy . lets keep in touch !!

Lasni Jayasooriya Dear madam, I think I have seen you and I am also from Kandy. Thank you for your kind offering and I am really interested in knowing more about Aflatoun books. And for sure let's keep in touch.