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Académie Aflatoun - Vidéo de Formation - Le théatre d'images

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Video Training - The theater images

This video explains and illustrates the method of teaching the theater of images, in the context of teacher training on child-centered methodologies offered by the Academy Aflatoun. # AcadémieAflatoun MéthodesdapprentissageActif video

by Hassan Mahtat (Admin, Translator) from Morocco - 5 February 2014

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IBRAHIMA BA In Senegal even before the advent of "Aflatoun academy" teachers trained in the program have identified the relevance of the method theater images pedagogically. This method has enabled young teachers enliven their class dramatization, to raise the participation rate of students in courses but also to "liberate" students by empowering more. Teaching Lan

Simon Bailey Nice to see you on the Aflatoun Academy site, Ibrahima! Great content and good video.

IBRAHIMA BA Thank you SIMON Aflatoun the videos greatly assist teachers in their classroom practice: it is a great educational innovation, a source of knowledge.

Aflatoun Sénégal You are perfectly right ibou and you also successfully integrated into the curriculum in Senegal

Charles Mogga Obede Mogga South Sudan: The method is so excellent in that most learners including teachers love to participate and practice daily in the pilot schools of CSFE Kajo-Keji South Sudan. It helps inculcating skills, values, and attitude easily in almost all disciplines including science, Maths, life skills & peace building. As you can observe in this video, the whole class is active. Thank you all for this wonderful show

Académie Aflatoun - Vidéo de Formation -  L'arbre à problèmes

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Video Training - The problem tree

More ideas and examples on the tree problems #aflatoun-academy #MéthodesdapprentissageActif video

by Hassan Mahtat (Admin, Translator) from Morocco - 8 January 2014

Ana Vacas This would be really useful for us here in Bolivia, do you guys have any idea when this will be available in Spanish? Thanks!

Menno Aflatoun There are currently no plans to do do this in other languages. We could consider subtitling it, would that be useful or is the video maybe too region-specific ?