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I am a believer of many things… - that “small is beautiful, but big is necessary”, especially when it comes to solving the problems of our society. - that for a complex problem, we must never forget that there could be multiple causes and even more probable solutions - that knowledge and expertise can reside in many people, but there needs to be a space for them to come together and answer the right questions - that people who work together also learn together and mentor each other; that everyone has the capacity to be empowered when given the chance

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Two different ways of introducing the value and balance of 5 core elements: 1) Question storming and 2) 5 balls for the balanced concept of social and financial education. How do you introduce the 5 core elements?

by Alodia Santos from the Netherlands - 12 July 2014

Menno Aflatoun Alodia Santos, can you tell more about the 5 balls game ?

"Money is a means to an end"... money is for well-being. Here's an example of UNICEF's Child Well-being / Poverty Report on OECD countries. You can see the different categories to measure the overall well-being of children.

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ChildPovertyReport.pdfChildPovertyReport.pdf1.52 Mb, 52 pages

by Alodia Santos from the Netherlands - 10 July 2014

What is the difference between blue and green hashtag?

by Alodia Santos from the Netherlands - 10 July 2014

Menno Aflatoun Any user can make hashtags and they will appear green. A blue hashtag has gotten a description from Aflatoun and as such has become a topic. You can find those under 'topics' in the menu.
You can follow both a topic and a hashtag. Following those will give you an alert when something else is added with that topic/hashtag.

Alodia Santos Aha. I will be sure to tell the Asian RMTs. Amir... did you hear (read) that? : )

Hello! Can we also upload the different kind of Aflatoun fireball images?

by Alodia Santos from the Netherlands - 9 May 2014

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Menno Aflatoun Good idea ! Coming soon in the library. Look for for #fireball

Sumudu Kumari Mendis How can we upload our picture to this page? Please guide me.

Menno Aflatoun Hello Migel, you can upload a pciture attached to a new post by clicking 'add files or images'. If you think something should be added to the library, please send me the files and I can do that for you.

Sumudu Kumari Mendis Thank you so much Menno. You are very supportive.

What an awesome teacher training opportunity for educators from some countries and Africa, Asia and Latin America! Check it out:

by Alodia Santos from the Netherlands - 18 April 2014