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Programme Concept Notes

#conceptnotes #curriculum

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Afla Academy Concept Note.pdfAfla Academy Concept Note.pdf79.99 Kb, 2 pages
Aflateen Concept Note.pdfAflateen Concept Note.pdf465.46 Kb, 5 pages
Aflatot Concept Note.pdfAflatot Concept Note.pdf639.74 Kb, 3 pages
Aflatoun Basic Education Concept Note.pdfAflatoun Basic Education Concept Note.pdf511.76 Kb, 3 pages
Aflatoun_Primary_Curriculum.pdfAflatoun_Primary_Curriculum.pdf407.88 Kb, 1 page
NFE_Concept Note.pdfNFE_Concept Note.pdf761.11 Kb, 5 pages
NFE_Justification.pdfNFE_Justification.pdf324.54 Kb, 1 page

by Menno Aflatoun (Admin, Translator) from the Netherlands - 20 March 2014

Kristina Nikolovska Wonderful! Thank you!

DJ Markoni this server needs more bandwidth; I cannot download 2 or more documents at the same time :(