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Child Stories

Read about stories of children around the world who have been part of the Aflatoun programme and applied the lessons to their own lives. Some are inspirational, some practical, some amusing. #programme #ChildStories

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Aflatoun in Albania.pdfAflatoun in Albania.pdf652.37 Kb, 1 page
Aflatoun in Cambodia.pdfAflatoun in Cambodia.pdf314.24 Kb, 1 page
Aflatoun in Ecuador.pdfAflatoun in Ecuador.pdf404.71 Kb, 1 page
Aflatoun in Indonesia.pdfAflatoun in Indonesia.pdf240.32 Kb, 1 page
Aflatoun in Malawi.pdfAflatoun in Malawi.pdf279.38 Kb, 1 page
Aflatoun in  Sudan.pdfAflatoun in Sudan.pdf356.44 Kb, 1 page
Aflatoun in Tajikistan.pdfAflatoun in Tajikistan.pdf538.20 Kb, 1 page
Aflatoun in Uganda.pdfAflatoun in Uganda.pdf621.30 Kb, 1 page
Aflatoun in  Rwanda.pdfAflatoun in Rwanda.pdf210.87 Kb, 1 page

by Menno de Vries from the Netherlands - 10 February 2014