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The third training of trainers Masters The Francophone Africa began this Monday 1st September at Dakar in Senegal in a good friendly atmosphere. With the pedagogical approach centered on children, participants in Dakar seminar will familiarize themselves with the key themes of the Aflatoun... Read more

by IBRAHIMA BA from Senegal - today at 00:23 - Auto-translated, may contain errors.

Aflatoun Core Activities Cards

These cards can be used to introduce Aflatoun and/or get to know what activites Aflatoun partners are holding. #training #exercises

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Core_Activities_Powerpoint_Short_Europe.pptxCore_Activities_Powerpoint_Short_Europe.pptx8.12 Mb

by Menno Aflatoun (Admin, Translator) from the Netherlands - 27 August 2014 17:04

Here's another. 'If money was an animal, what animal would it be?' Example answer - 'A dog. If trained well it can be a good friend. If not controlled it can be dangerous.' Who has another answer?

by Paul Moclair (Admin, Translator) from Ireland - 26 August 2014 17:44

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Paul Moclair

Nancy Refki It would be a lion, it is powerful, symbol of status, but also dangerous if you are not too careful! what do you think Chandra Rinie Pudjiatie ?

Filiz Kara Bilgin This comment has been removed

Chandra Rinie Pudjiatie For me would be fish, they multiplies when well kept, maintain and guarded, but have the tendency to slip away easily and ended up losing them if not careful ;) Any thoughts Alodia Santos

asterio tapari paniagua It would be the monkey does not stay, come and go from one place to another. wild and very humble at once.

Here's a lovely exercise inspired by the wonderful PAU Education in Barcelona. Please contribute your own answers after this example. 'If teaching was an animal what animal would it be?' Example answer: 'A camel because classical teachers are always drawing on their own resources.' Can you add... Read more

by Paul Moclair (Admin, Translator) from Ireland - 26 August 2014 17:39

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Paul Moclair I nominate Menno Aflatoun to get the ball rolling.

Menno Aflatoun A horse, because it can take people anywhere. Nominating Hassan Mahtat

Hassan Mahtat A spider because it always ties things together. Rediet Abiy

Rediet Abiy A Bee, because the results of teaching are usually sweet….however, if it is not performed the ‘right’ way, it may sting and cause some damage. Adwoa Sey

Adwoa Sey An eagle. The eagle represents freedom and teaching gives freedom to all. A person who has never been taught cannot think for himself. He is forced to blindly accept the dictates of others as he lacks the ability to judge right from wrong. When one is taught, one is able to make this distinction, to realize the reasons behind his forced servility and to stand up and demand redress. This frees him from the shackles of servility and makes him a free individual. I nominate Patricia Fafa Formadi

IBRAHIMA BA A dog as always useful, helpful, and ready to protect children

Aflatoun in person Asunción, Trainer of Trainers in action.

by asterio tapari paniagua from Paraguay - 22 August 2014 05:07 - Auto-translated, may contain errors.

Exercises to start sessions with children and adults (3)

This is the third in a series of regular uploads where we share games and exercises that can bring fun and energy to lessons, sessions and workshops. We hope you use and enjoy them. #WorkshopExercises #icebreakers_and_introductions

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Introductions and icebreakers.pdfIntroductions and icebreakers.pdf100.56 Kb, 2 pages

by Paul Moclair (Admin, Translator) from Ireland - 20 August 2014 05:57

For the third year, also involved children and youth GOHABI (Enjoying doing good), special education, the Foundation for Integrated Training in search of a better Mexico, IAP, who integrate the skills and abilities learned at Aflatoun Independent Living program. The project consisted in flares... Read more

by patricia Hernandez from Mexico - 12 August 2014 19:28 - Auto-translated, may contain errors.

Jun 30

End of school year 2013-2014 Aflatoun

Activities at the close of Aflatoun, clubs presented the enterprises.

30 Jun 09:30, Jalpan de Serra, Queretaro, Mexico.

by patricia Hernandez from Mexico - 12 August 2014 19:17 - Auto-translated, may contain errors.

Show us what you are doing.working with children who have special needs especially in learning.

by nwankwo stella from Nigeria - 11 August 2014 17:43

Today the topic is work the Community. Mickey and The Unbeatable clubs, and community intellectuals visited the Garden of Bayaguana, Dominican Republic. We played the handkerchief, and the hot seat. Talk about fast crops that can be grown in a home garden and the elements that must be taken to... Read more

by mily rodriguez from Dominican Republic - 8 August 2014 16:49 - Auto-translated, may contain errors.

Juana Fabian Ogando wow that good !!!!

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