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Go Aflateen in Medan

by Maufiqurrahman Surahman from Indonesia - 27 October 2014 05:01

Brian is following up with the Community Learning Centres in Sabah, Borneo on implementing Aflateen.

by Brian Lariche from Malaysia - 20 October 2014 19:59

Successful training workshop technicians, technical directors, directors of schools and colleges, supervisors, educational supervisors education Guaira Paraguay. With the support of Plan International.

by asterio tapari paniagua from Paraguay - 17 October 2014 04:14 - Auto-translated, may contain errors.

Training of 60 teachers and 1 Technician Administrative Coordinator, in the municipality of San Pedro Carchá, the department of Alta Verapaz, Guatemala, CA

by Jerónimo Reyes Villatoro from Guatemala - 16 October 2014 01:36 - Auto-translated, may contain errors.

Chiara Massaroni added library item in Spanish - 15 October 2014 17:08

Aflatot manual de Monitoreo y Evaluación

Aflatot M&E manual

#manual #aflatot #monitoring #evaluation

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Aflatot Evaluation Manual Jan13_No observation tool.docxAflatot Evaluation Manual Jan13_No observation tool.docx753.36 Kb

by Chiara Massaroni (Admin, Translator) from the Netherlands - 15 October 2014 17:06

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Children & Change 2014, Aflatoun and Teachers

Our yearly publication, this year focused on teachers and teacher training. Read about several of our (partners') projects. #children #teachers #publication

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Children and Change 2014 - Aflatoun and Teachers.pdfChildren and Change 2014 - Aflatoun and Teachers.pdf1.72 Mb, 64 pages

by Menno Aflatoun (Admin, Translator) from the Netherlands - 15 October 2014 10:47

Oct 14

Training workshop for technicians, supervisors and technical education Guaira Paraguay, with support from Plan International

At this meeting teachers, directors and technicians, technical supervision, supervisors, educational supervisors and technicians Plan Paraguay, responsible for training teachers in 116 schools of the department involved.

14 Oct 08:00, Colonia Independencia Guaira Paraguay

asterio tapari paniagua attends this.

by asterio tapari paniagua from Paraguay - 15 October 2014 00:03 - Auto-translated, may contain errors.

Hello teachers, here is a (non-Aflatoun) website with more than 10,000 lessons, freely accessible! http://betterlesson.com/common_core.

by Menno Aflatoun (Admin, Translator) from the Netherlands - 14 October 2014 11:56

Training Iran, 16 to 21 September. We got the photo from Majid Navid

by Menno Aflatoun (Admin, Translator) from the Netherlands - 13 October 2014 09:57

3 more comments

Majid Navid Thank you Menno

Mansour Shirzad It was a great experience for me to be in this workshop in Iran.love it!

Maryam It was a good experience

fahime khosravi It was GREAT workshop for me. I love It.

Alen Kouchaki Wonderful workshop with amazing people !
Keep up the great work !
Break a leg !

Simin Bina It was useful and amazing experience for me.

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